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What Should Do Instead of Yelling at the Customer Service

What You Should Do Instead of Yelling at the Customer Service

When you plan on traveling, there are some of the traveling eventualities that you should expect that can happen anytime. Maybe delay of flight or even flight cancellation. If you happen to be a victim you should not be worried, below are 5 things that you should do instead of yelling at the customer service in Singapore airports. You should never be uncomfortable when traveling.

1. Check with the customer care the rights of passenger

Your air ticket will cater for a number of things not only be traveling from one destination to the other. It will also take care of some cases, maybe in the incidence of flight cancellation or delay of flight. You can check with the customer care to know the rights that you can claim for as customers in case of flight delay or even cancellation of a flight. Some airlines provide food voucher to their passengers in case of delay of the flight for a specified number of hours. They also allow you to claim of accommodation too, in case of the overnight delays. Where you will not be provided with accommodation, the attendant will redirect you to another means of transport or to the nearest hotel where you can get accommodation.

In case of delay and there is an extra expense you incurred, e.g. accommodation, food or any other, It is important for you to preserve the receipts given. These receipts will be used to claim for your extra cost back maybe from the airline or insurer thereafter. It is also important to make sure that get the documentation on the cancellation itself from the airline.

2. Check on the benefits that your travel insurance offers to you

With travel insurance policy, the passenger is entitled to several compensations in case of the flight delay or cancellation. In case of delay of flight only the long enough delays are compensated. And accommodation for overnight flight delay. The passenger is encouraged to carry with himself or herself a copy of his or her travel insurance policy. This will help him or her to check what he or she is entitled to and will also be used to claim for compensation. This will be an added advantage to the passenger for he can book any hotel room instead of spending the whole night on the airport floors in case overnight flight delay. After accommodation, you can make claims with your insurance company. You can contact your travel insurer to confirm the claims you can make before submitting the claims and also for more advice.

3. Make sure that your phone or laptop or both are charged so you can remain contactable or do research when need arises

It will be convenient for you when you board a flight with your phone or laptop or both fully charged in case of a flight delay or even cancellation, with your gadgets fully charged will be able to get in touch with your family members and also your insurer. Remember this is the very time that you need them so much. It will also help you to search for the nearby hotel to book for accommodation in case of cancellation of flight or long delay if necessary.

For most of the airports, the internet is not a problem, they offer free Wi-Fi to their customers hence your connectivity to the internet will not be a problem. Imagine of a case where everybody needs a room in the hotel or airport. It is only those people with their phone or laptops charged will be able to book for accommodation faster. Maybe before those whose have no their gadgets charged to get to book manually there will be no rooms left. Therefore, always be prepared.

4. Book accommodation immediately the delay or cancellation is announced

Remember that you will not be the only person who will be affected by the flight delay or the flight cancellation. It is everybody who was to travel with you. Everybody, in this case, will be looking for accommodation facility. In case you delay booking accommodation you might find that the hotel rooms around will be occupied. And also maybe those in the airline. You should not assume that the airline will provide accommodation to all the passengers. You may even end up spending the night on the airport floors if you are not faster enough to book yourself a room.

In some cases, the price of accommodation may shoot due to high demand. You might also get hotels around are fully packed. Therefore, if you delay you end up being a victim of paying a lot of money for accommodation. For those with insurer’s accommodation policy, they should book for accommodation as soon as possible without considering that the airline or the insurer will do it on your behalf.

5. Make sure that your credit card entitles you to a lounge access

During the flight delays and cancellation, the airport lounges will be very important for you. It is therefore important to ensure that your credit card can allow accessing the lounges any time. It is from these lounges that you are able to enjoy free meals, internet connection and also free charging stations. In some cases, you might even get some airports in Singapore offering you with shower facilities or even reclining seats allowing you to crush for nights. The credit card, in this case, is very important for it can allow you to access any of the airport lounges everywhere in the world.

With the above tips, you can get all you’re traveling smooth and comfortable regardless of delay or cancellation of your flight. Since you will be always ready for any ineffectuality which might arise. It is important for you to get travel insurance as their policy will ensure that all the traveling eventualities are well taken care of. You will also be able to save any extra cost which might be as a result of flight delay or cancellation.