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Maid Insurance

Essential Aspects That Your Maid Insurance Should Include

Many of you may not have an idea about what maid insurance is. But many of us can easily guess it from the name as an insurance related to your maid and servants. Here is some more information about what maid insurance is all about. Maid insurance is something that protects you against unexpected expenses as you hire a new maid or renew your maid’s work permit. If you have maid insurance you will get medical insurance and accident covers for your maid and issue a security bond to the Ministry of Manpower. Maid insurance can offer you an offer which is more comprehensive and more than the equated amount which will cover all the expenses of your domestic helper. If you want to and are planning to buy maid insurance and if it is your first time, then you should be more aware of what type of maid insurance should you select and what coverage it includes. We will discuss some of the areas of the coverage that you should not overlook.

A good maid insurance policy should provide adequate medical expenses cover, repatriation expenses cover and good personal liability cover for the employer which will benefit both of the employees and the employers. As being an employer you will not face a sudden need for the money to bear the expenses related to medical and many more for the employees in the house and from the sight of the employee, you get a benefit of the insurance to be covered and overcome your problems. It should include the following:

  • Medical expenses cover: While almost all insurers offer coverage for medical expenses, not all the features and benefits are the same for all. Firstly you need to fix your requirement like if your requirement is only for medical expenses cover then you need to find a package that provides you only medical expenses for your maid. If you have decided to choose only the medical coverage then you need to be sure and look to the fact that it includes the following:
  • Medical expenses due to accident and injury as well as it should all the expenses incurred due to your illness.
  • Next, it should also include all the hospitality expenses if you have chosen a good package with a good premium, it is of course that the claim will be as per the premium you pay to them, so all the hospital and surgical expenses up to a fixed limit which you chose when you decided your package, will be provided to your domestic helper if they suffer from an injury or illness that requires hospital treatment. This maid insurance will provide you with all the expenses like room and board charges, cost of using hospital services and all the necessary expenses of medicines and all will be provided to you, so you need not worry about how you will bear the cost of all these.
  • Most plans also offer cover on pre and post hospitalization treatment within three months for the same injury or illness. It all depends upon the insurer you choose, so do ensure that you are familiar with all the terms and conditions and have understood the policy before purchasing it. To purchase the best policy for your domestic worker you must visit and experience the policy provided by Hong Leong Assurance.
  • It is also very much important for you to know that most insurance plans do not cover any expenses concerning normal dental inspection and treatment. So if you are in search of a policy that also includes dental coverage then you need to find an insurer who provides it, then your domestic worker will enjoy getting the best coverage of dental expenses through maid insurance.
  • You should also know about this awesome plan which can be included in your maid insurance is wages and levy reimbursement, which will pay you the wages of your foreign maid’s if they are hospitalized or taken a leave saying that they have been hospitalized, so you will be able to claim it.
  • Personal Liability Cover: This is a very good coverage that can save you from bearing heavy losses like this coverage will pay the benefits if your helper is found to be legally responsible for accidental injuring someone or causing any sort of damage to your property or someone’s else’s property while performing their daily task. This cover includes all expenses like the cost of legal representation and the damage claim against your helper up to the specified limits on the policy.

We believe that the above information is sufficient to make you understand in brief what your maid insurance should include and if you have decided to take up maid insurance you can visit Hong Leong Assurance to get the best of all plans.