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Style a Plain Tees

6 Cute Ways to Style a Plain Tees

We all love to live in the way we want to. We don’t just want to spend our whole life for the sake of following what others like only. That is the reason women in this era keep trying many different ways to look more and more beautiful. Outfits are one of those things which define the overall look of any woman. Now if we talk about the most comfortable but at the same time very stylish outfit for women or girls, t-shirts come first in this. There are many different types of t-shirts available which they can try to make themselves look great even without doing any special type of changes in their look or accessories. Among all the t-shirts, plain t-shirts or plain tees provide them with even better ways to be used to make them look gorgeous. In this article, we will talk about some of the very cute ways to style plain tees.

Without tuck in

Plain t-shirts are one of the most comfortable wardrobe elements which you can wear in many different ways and style to make you look and feel better. One of such most comfortable and attractive ways is to wear it in just a very simple way without trying anything extra in it. Just you have to wear your plain tees with any jeans and you can be ready to do anything freely and confidently. Not only with the types of denim but it can be teamed up with any other suitable outfit to make you look more stylish if you choose the combination accordingly.

One side front tuck in

The other very stylish way to wear these plain tees is with a slight tuck in. This tucking you can do on the front side.  This should be either on the right side or left side as per your preference and your overall look enhancement. It can also be teamed up with either plain denim or shorts which can make you look amazing. These t-shirts can also be used as women blouses if you wear them suitably on your other matching outfits.

Front Center tuck in

The next flavour which you can add with the help of your plain t-shirts is the flavour of Front centre tuck in. This style you can try on various occasions when you want to show yourself a bit more trendy and stylish than others. Though you can choose any colour plain tees with this style, white plain tees the most and with most of the outfits like loose jeans, slim fit or even with pyjama type. So basically whichever outfit you wear along with plain white tees in this style, it will look great for sure.

Back centre tuck in

Many times it happens that you want to look yourself very different than others and without compromising with your look and comfort. In this condition, you can try this back centre knot style. In this style, you will not tuck in your plain tees from the front but only from the back and that is too only at the centre. When you do this style, your front chest and stomach also come into a bit more focus and your perfect figure comes in front of everyone. Therefore, if you want to flaunt your shape with the help of tees only, even with this cute style you can do it this way.

Front centre knot

This is one of the styles which is followed by the girls who are under thirty mainly. However, it has been seen that many of the ladies also try this style to make them look a bit younger. So it doesn’t matter what your age group is, if you have a gorgeous belly and want to show it off with the help of tees only, you can try this style. In this style you can make the knot either with the help of tees only or you can try one rubber band to make a hidden knot on your tees.

Full tuck in

Full tuck in is one of the most used tees wearing style which many of the ladies try. This style of putting on the plain tees can be matched up with many of the outfits like denim and blazer, denim and jacket or even just with the denim only. This style would suit even with the pants and shirt. Here you have to take care that when you decide to try this combo of pants, plain tees and shirts, you should fully tuck in your plain tee which would be under the shirt.

Now you should keep all the buttons of your shirt open and leave it without tucking in. This look will kill not just the men and boys but many of the ladies will also feel jealous when you will try this look. Full tuck in or plain tee can also be matched up or teamed up with your skirt. It can be used just as a wonderful replacement for tops. So if you are thinking of trying something new and trendy, you can give a  y to the combo of skirt and tees with all the required accessories over it. The colour of these tees you can choose as per the colour of your skirt.

Above we got to know some of the very good ways to use a plain tee to complete a look of a girl or woman. Though we have discussed just a few of them, the number of ways to use them maybe, even more, when you will keep using these ways in your daily life. When you start using these ways, you can even explore some of the very unique ways which would be best suited to you only. Therefore, if you want to look great in a very comfortable way, you can go for any of the plain t-shirts as per your choice or which suit you the most and which makes you look complete.